Certain jade (XX jade) is a work of art group in two years jointly build a new cultural industries.   The term "a certain jade" first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period Qi book "Research" is the general term for the ancient Chinese palace for the nobility of craftsmen making handicrafts. Called "a certain jade" is intended to indicate that it is a blend of Chinese arts and crafts masters species and contains the ancient arts and crafts and cultural heritage of Italy.     Unique creativity and hard work to make certain a display of Chinese jade culture of living traditional arts and crafts museum, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Base, youth school education base, as well as the central experience, communication and training skills of traditional hand-style .    Jade carving jade certain existing ivory carving, cloisonne, lacquer, silk inlay, embroidery and other traditional Beijing court art, another dough, clay figurines, glassware, painted, paper cutting, teapot, wood, copper and other folk arts crafts nearly ten craftsmen art performances, cultural background and understanding of the production process of various arts and crafts, enjoy exquisite handicrafts, profound feelings of Chinese traditional culture.     As a traditional cultural characteristics, certain jade attracted domestic and foreign friends come to visit.    We welcome friends to come to a certain jade feel fine traditional culture, take away good memories. 【more】
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